I have Pure Maintenance servicing my home; what should I do to prepare?

The home will need to be vacant during the remediation and protection process, so plan a place for you and your pets during the service. A few days before your appointment, you will receive a message confirming your service and giving basic instructions on preparing your home. They are simple - open all closets, close all windows, etc. Watch the short video below for more information.

Do I need to take paintings and wall art down before the treatment?

Our solutions are dry, so Pure Maintenance has never had an issue with wall art or paintings. Nevertheless, many people feel more comfortable taking expensive paintings down or covering them with a blanket.

What about fruit or other foods left out in the kitchen

We recommend placing exposed food in a tight-seal bag or refrigerator to preserve its taste and freshness.

How long before I can re-enter my home?

Each job's length depends on the home's size, but a Pure Maintenance employee will let you know how long the process will take when the bid is submitted. Most jobs take no more than 4-5 hours.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Our solutions are safe, following the label and instructions per California law.

Do I need to get everything out of the house?

No, keeping as many of your belongings inside the home as possible would be best. Mold spores get trapped inside fabrics, furniture, clothing, mattresses, etc., and we will also treat all of those things.

Will it get behind my walls?

Our patented technology creates a 7.5 micron-sized particle. A mold spore is between 12 and 30 microns. That means any place where a mold spore can access; the dry fog will also access. In special situations where there is a known issue behind a wall, we can drill a few 1/8-inch holes between the studs and treat the back of the wall directly.

Will I need to clean everything after the treatment?

Not at all. The process leaves no residue, so your home and all items in it will be clean.

Does it kill bugs?

We have noticed that bugs do not like it, and many customers report that it has, but we do not make any official claims about how our solutions affect bugs.

What will the mold look like after the treatment?

The mold's stains will not go away, but we can clean them for you at a small additional cost. If you prefer, you can clean the stains yourself upon completing your service. Handling any mold after treatment will not harm you.

How long does it last?

Our demolition-free mold remediation is warranted for up to one year. See our terms and conditions for more information!

How will I know if it worked?

Your technician will take an air sample upon completing the treatment and send it to an independent third-party lab. We use an accredited mold lab with no affiliation with mold testing or mold remediation companies. You will receive your test results about 10-12 days after the treatment.