Can Bleach Kill Mold?

In 1922, bleach was introduced as a household cleaner. It removed spots on fabrics, whitened laundry and killed germs in bathrooms and kitchens but, can bleach kill mold?

Due to modern construction methods mold can be more prevalent in homes, and bleach was put to the test. People attempted to kill mold in their homes with bleach, but they were still feeling sick.

While bleach can remove mold from impermeable surfaces, like bathtubs, shower enclosures and tile, it cannot kill mold on porous surfaces like drywall and hardwood floors. There are many chemical products for sale claiming to control mold, not kill it.

Mold can be found in different forms in homes – active, dormant or dead. Flooding in a home, whether due to broken pipes or appliances or natural disasters, like tornados and hurricanes, can grow active mold and cause dormant mold to become active. Disaster recovery companies were created on the perceived knowledge that even mold killed by bleach or other disinfectants would still make people sick. Their “fix” was to tear out the affected areas of the structure. This process can compromise the health of anyone doing this work.

It wasn’t until the late 1990’s that some health practitioners and some labs determined that bleach did not kill mold. So, how does one get rid of mold without tearing out drywall and floors or cabinets?

If bleach doesn’t kill mold, what does?

The process of denaturing. Denaturing is defined as destroying the characteristic properties of a protein or biological macromolecule by heat, acidity or other effects that disrupt the molecular conformation. InstaPURE is an EPA registered sterilant, meaning it does kill mold. Once exposed to InstaPURE, the outer membrane of the mold is oxidized and the cell is denatured. The mold becomes “inert nothingness.”

Bleach is a great household cleaner for killing germs and whitening fabrics, but not for killing mold. If you think you have mold in your home, denaturing is your best option, and InstaPURE is the sterilant to use to rid your home of mold.